THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE! The Big Dog Hunting and Advanced Treestands teams have been working diligently over the past 18 months to relaunch the Advanced product lineup. We are excited to announce that the s2/i2 and accessories for the Advanced product lineup have arrived into our warehouse and we are actively shipping stands and accessories. Please also check out or newest product, the ADTS-400 TimberSteps. Great new lightweight “folding” climbing sections. Get a 4-pack for just $79.99. Thank you for your interest in Advanced Treestands!


Hang the stem // not the stand

TAKE-DOWN i2 Bark Brown

with integrated ratcheting system

TAKE-DOWN s2 Bark Brown

with standard ratcheting system

(4) Timber Steps ADTS-400

4pk 31" Timber Steps


with integrated ratcheting system

Once you’ve climbed your tree, affix the stem by simply threading the two 1.5″ heavy-duty straps into the built-in ratchet rods and, using the ratchet tool, crank the stem tight to the tree.

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three-piece design

The beauty behind the revolutionary 3-piece Take-Down design is that you hang only the stem of the stand. The stem is much lighter weight than the complete stand, and far more manageable. No longer must you struggle with the weight or size of a full stand as you climb, or with a stand that wants to unhinge as you try to hang it.

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